Creating a successful blog for beginners

We know that blogging is a very powerful tool to earn online. But, to get the most from it there are somethings which really need to get followed strictly.  So, i am sharing this article about Creating a successful blog for beginners By just following the simple steps and knowing the correct formula you can be a real master.

blogging for begineers nepal

Before you think anything I recommend you to ask yourself a few things as:

  • Why are you going to blog? Are you good at writing?
  • What topic would you cover in your blog?
  • Do you want to earn part time or full time?
  • Do you have few hours (1-2 hrs) a day to spend for this task?

As you read those questions i hope you answered those question too. Here are my tips to help you convert more.

  • Whatever you blog about but choose a topic of your interest which can be anything. Don’t panic that people will read it or not But write quality and unique content. Never try to copy others material thinking you are clever as you are really making a mistake there. If you don’t write well just practice one day you will get perfect.
  • This is the most important thing to mention. Choose a topic of your interest and more search inGoogle. Try to be specific rather covering various topics. For example: Football blog rather Sports. Nepal mountain rather Nepal. This will enhance your quality. While choosing the domain name choose the relevant domain to your blog so that you can rank higher in Google. Use the main keyword of your blog in the domain name.  Use the word cricket in your domain if you want a cricket blog. And so on for other blogs too.
  • If you want to earn part time then a free blog ( would just be OK. But, if  want to earn full time then i recommend using  self-hosted service with a custom domain ( It is easier to remember and sounds good too.
  • I suggest you to manage about 1 to 2 hours a day so that you earn a real big sum. I think it would not be a tough task to manage that time.

I hope you liked this article. If you have any query please post it.



Few things Everyone most know before earning online – For Begineers

It is fun to earn money online and it will be much more when you do it ethically and systematically. If you are just a beginner for earning online then it is highly recommended that you follow all the steps. I have just listed Few things Everyone most know before earning online for beginners which just need to get followed.

1)Create a new e-mail: You might be wondering why it should be done. Yes, if you have a different e-mail account then you can use it for various purposes and tasks. You may get some spam messages there which won’t hamper your personal e-mail.By doing this your business and personal life will get separated.

2) Set up your own blog: If you really want to make money online it is highly recommended that you set up your own blog. Either free or self-hosted from WordPress or Blogger as it is easy to use and friendly. Create at least 5 unique posts and promote it.

3)Create a PayPal ID: It will be handy for various offers and affiliate marketing tools to help in your transaction. You can store your cash which you will earn there hassle free and without any task. It will be automatic and will help you in further days.

4)Read and learn more: Yes, you can’t do anything without learning. You will get more knowledge and perform better. Read articles intended to your interest and place so that you don’t have much confusion.

5) Don’t spend now:If you are not sure about if you are really going to make money or not then i suggest you not to spend any money right now for any reasons. Just try with the free methods and see.