Inclusive Education

Inclusive education means including all types of children in education. The aim of inclusive education is to bring all children in the main stream of nation by giving equal opportunities in education according to their need and conditions. It is also known as universal education, accessible education, equitable education. It is a partial part of justice example and a fair justice policy to accept in society. Inclusive education includes all the weak children, road children, children for minorities group, children affected by HIV, AIDS and Leprosy, children in poverty etc. It is a medium to bring all castes, genders groups in different activities of a nation.

Many countries have defined the inclusive education as the development process of an education system that provides to all children to have useful education in non-discriminatory environment of their own community by upholding multicultural differences of the country.

Characteristics of Inclusive Education

  1. Inclusive education includes all children: boys and girls, those from different cultural or linguistic   backgrounds, those with special abilities or learning needs and those affected directly or indirectly by HIV/AIDS.
  2. Inclusive education is gender fair and non discriminatory.
  3. Inclusive education is culturally sensitive, celebrates differences and stimulates learning for all children.
  4. It promotes healthy lifestyles and life skills.
  5. Families, teachers and communities are involved in children’s learning in inclusive education.
  6. It promotes all children from harm violence and abuse.
  7. In inclusive education learning is relevant to children’s daily lives.
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