Developing a Nutrition testing lab in Nepal

A well developed nutrition testing lab is establishing by department of Food Technology and Quality Control (DFTQC).

In current situation, the department can test only the contamination present in food products. It is unable to test the various nutritional components like protein, vitamins, carbohydrates, fat and minerals.

Purna Prasad Awasti, the DFTWC spokesperson said that, the purposed lab could test the nutritional values present in food products.

He said ‘the lab will test even the complex type of nutrition in food items’.

The department has proposed around 25-30 millions for developing the lab. At present Nepali exporters are facing a great problems in importing countries due to absence of such testing lab. They have to test such food products in Indian laboratories which cost much time and money.

Wasti clamed that the new lab will also be able to test ‘trans fat’ and ‘saturated fat’ which are supposed one of the main factor which is responsible for causing cholesterol, heart problems, obesity and other heart diseases.

At present, the DFTQC lab has ability to certify 25 different parameters including microlevel fatty acid, dietary fibres, vitamins, proteins, and minerals contain.



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